Ultra Rich Match ensures the privacy of all its customers. While we offer one of the most secure and trusted platforms, there are a few things you as a member can do to keep a check. The website suggests some of the following steps to be taken so there is no breach in the security. Our customer service screens every profile for irrelevant or inappropriate content and we have a strict reporting system that screens for inappropriate content.

Keep Your Profile anonymous?

We do not keep any profiles online, hence your profile is kept confidential. Moreover we verify the details before sharing profile.

How to restrict a user to contact further?

If there is a case where you want a candiate not to be contacting further then you can communicate it to your relationship manager or you may share your feeling directly with the person

Verification of the profile?

Once the profile is created it may be verified by personally visiting the member’s place or it can be verified on phone the decision on verification is solely taken by the

Where the first meeting takes place?

First family meeting of the couple takes place at the boys residence so that the girl side can see the lifestyle and make up mind for further meetings

When to talk on financial matters?

Discussion on financials can be done in third or fourth meeting, its not advised to be discussed in first meeting.

Why the families need to be involved?

Marriage is not a union of two persons but their families are also get involved hence Ultra Rich Match provides a platform where both families get to know each other.

Certain procedures which are prescribed by Ultra Rich Match?

To start with any of the conversation with the other person one should follow these steps:

  • a) Start with Casual discussions and later in third or fouth meeting discuss about personal and financial things once you are gaining confidence in the person
  • b) Learn about the routine of a person and find the person on social media pages like linkedin , instagram, facebook to know about his or her social life
  • c) Do visit the work place / factory / office of a person if he/she is comfortable taking you there, that help you know about the mindset of a person in work
  • d) Meeting: When the couple decides to meet it is advised to involve Ultra Rich Match representative to fix the meeting as per couples requirement.

How to know I am taking a right decision in choosing a Life Partner ?

We are giving you certain Pointers that will help in decision making:

  • a) Marry a Happy person, a person who is happy will keep you happy also. To identify a happy person look for characteristics like Kind hearted person, Problem solver , Respecting Human beings, Mother Nature and animals, Hardworking and Honest
  • b) Marry a person with a routine, a person having a vision and ambition, do not sit in an aimless Ship.
  • c) Marry a person whom you are chatting or talking for atleast 2 to 3 hours a day for atlest a month to 45 days. This can only happen if both have feelings for each other.
  • d) Marry a person who is having a good sleep ,a person who is medically, physically and emotionally fit
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