Why Us ?


YOUR PRIVACY, OUR RESPONSIBILITY: The information that we gather from you shall be displayed to only those people whom you wish to. No unnecessary utilization and unethical circulation of your information and data will occur when it comes to Ultra Rich Match.


Authentication is not just another activity at our organisation but a serious effort that we make to add value to our clients. The information of each of the profiles is accumulated and verified thoroughly. Various documents are checked and cross checked to establish the genuineness of the information.

ALL IN THE FAMILY : We, through our networks, manage to provide you with resources for all your requirements in the wedding. Hence, we do not restrict ourselves to introducing and getting together matches made in heaven but even go on to get the grandest wedding carnival planned for them, help them arrange a soothingly romantic honeymoon and even celebrate, in a unique way, some of their special ‘firsts’ after wedding.


Your objective is our endeavour – that to search for those matches which go with your business level, status, caste and various other pre decided barometers. Anything that impedes this objective of yours is eliminated. The online platform, by itself, provides some path breaking features, one of which is obscured boundaries as people from any location can get together and converse. Moreover, our extensive business network can also smoothly organize a meeting for the two parties at a location which is convenient to both. Hence, geographical boundaries can not obstruct you from finding the best match.


We understand your desire of being attended to with a touch of empathy. Everyone has a unique requirement and this makes personalization the key. Our dedicated relationship managers, assigned to each of our registered members, make sure that the highest level of personalization is being attained.


With our profound understanding of our members, we have devised such services as personal meetings (also called ‘Rendezvous’), delivery of gifts to the one you express interest for (if such expressed interest is accepted by the other party) and much more. These services have been coined to add more value to you- OUR MEMBERS!!!

We believe in being dynamic in our approach and hence strive to add more values, regularly, to our clients’ overall experience.